Meet GIM: Tech Supply Chain Mavericks

We are Global Indirect Markets, but our friends call us GIM. We were born in 2020 with a fierce determination to shake things up and revolutionize the tech industry. We’ve got some serious skin in the game, with more than 75 years of client-focused leadership experience and a truckload of expertise in tech, sourcing, logistics, and making the most out of your greatest asset—your team.

Global Supply Chain

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help you dodge those pesky market hurdles and speed up your journey to profitable growth. No tricks, no smoke and mirrors, just a down-to-earth approach that gets real results. We put our industry knowledge to good use, helping our clients squeeze every last drop of value out of the global technology supply chain.

Our Approach

Focus, transparency, and speed—that’s what we believe in at GIM. We tackle specific business challenges head-on, strategize swiftly, and execute relentlessly. No fluff or fancy jargon, just a straight-shooting, honest approach that delivers results. And yes, we’re all about velocity. We align ourselves with your culture, cut through the noise, and convert strategy into action at the speed of light.

Meet the Crew

Bill Corbin

Founder and President

Bill’s our tech-savvy captain with years of experience steering both multinational giants and plucky startups. His resume is packed with leadership roles, from CEO of Network Catalyst, Inc. to EVP of Global Sales and Partner Management for a global specialty distributor.

Eric Corbin

Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

Eric’s the guy who knows everyone. He’s turned GIM’s partner portfolio into a who’s who of the tech world, featuring big names like Dell, HP, Cisco, and IBM. Before joining the GIM crew, Eric was leading the charge in roles across the globe, with a keen focus on enterprise and government clients.

Chris Leeming


Chris brings extensive domestic and global experience. He has held executive leadership roles in finance, operations, and sales in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments. He has specialized expertise in developing operational models for global technology deployments. Most recently he was CFO and CAO at

So, now that you know about us, we're excited to hear more about you. Ready to ride the wave of growth with GIM?