“G” Solve

Bringing together strategy with real life execution to meet your business objectives 

Accelerating Business

The one thing consistent in IT is change. Digital transformation, IoT, SaaS, IaaS, security, services, marketplaces, etc. The list goes on and on. As the world settles into a post pandemic new normal, getting solutions into the market has and will continue to evolve:

  • Everything as a service and subscription models have become the norm
  • “Cloud Native” partners are charting a new path in engagement models for the enterprise. They operate as: advocates, influencers, agents, etc. and bring credibility and market permission to the partnership.
  • The new normal requires partners with geographic and/or vertical reach

Aligning tech with the most efficient and profitable route to market in the new normal as a strategy is critical to defining success. Executing that strategy is the key to achieving success.

Vision and Strategy Setting

You can’t get there unless you know where your going! Your vision will drive your GTM/RTM strategy and that strategy will drive precise execution. Using a proven methodology, Global Indirect Markets can help you visualize where you want to go and set a road map on how to get there.

Execution Services

Closing the gap between strategy and execution is the key to achieving the vision. Global Indirect Markets works with leaders to close the strategy/execution gap by cutting through the noise, accelerating the right work, aligning teams and their culture so they know what to do and can make informed decisions.

Transformation and Cultural Alignment

Leaders spend a ton of time and money designing new strategies only to watch as teams pull in different directions, new initiatives take priority, and people become overwhelmed with fighting fires. Transforming and aligning new or different selling motions is a cultural heavy lift. Global Indirect Markets works with organizations to inform, educate and transform cultures to thrive in the new normal.