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Bringing together strategy with real life expertise to accelerate profitable growth

It has been said since the time of the Greek philosophers that “the only constant is change.”

That has never been more true than today, when the global marketplace has undergone severe disruptions brought on by the pandemic, supply chain vulnerabilities, and the shockwaves of geo-political conflict. This instability only adds to the ongoing disruptions in IT, bringing challenges from digital transformation, IoT, “everything as a service,” new and creative security breaches, and new market models.

Global Indirect Markets’ G-Solve consulting services can help you navigate these treacherous waters to find the most efficient and profitable routes to market in this “new normal.”

We begin with vision and strategy

You can’t get there unless you know where you’re going! Your vision will drive your go-to-market strategy, and that strategy will drive precise execution. Using a proven methodology, GIM will help you visualize where you want to go, based on key business objectives, and set a roadmap on how to get there.

Moving from strategy to action

Closing the gap between strategy and execution is the key to realizing your vision. Global Indirect Markets works with customers to close the strategy-execution gap by cutting through the noise, accelerating the right work, and aligning teams to make informed decisions and take right actions.

Aligning culture with change

Anticipating and understanding internal cultural barriers is essential if you want your change initiative to succeed. Transforming and aligning new or different methods or processes can be a heavy lift. Global Indirect Markets can work with you to manage change—informing, educating, and transforming cultures to thrive in the new normal.