“G” Smart

Enabling human capital to enhance productivity today and tomorrow

People are companies most important asset. With a rapidly evolving world, your people need to continuously develop their skillsets to keep your company above the competition. Building an objective baseline of where your people stand with their strengths and weaknesses is imperative to developing an enablement plan that will take each individual person to the next level. “G” Smart takes your people from where they are, to where they need to be.

Objectively Measure Competency:

We help companies to objectively measure the competency of employees to ascertain their existing skill levels vs. desired state. Soft and hard skills or regulatory and compliance knowledge can be tested objectively to identify where gaps exist.

Enable your Human Capital:

Identifying the areas of improvement for your people is just the beginning. From the outcomes of the competency assessment, we provide personalized learning pathways that will sharpen your peoples competitive edge and speed up time to productivity.

Bring Your Own Content “BYOC” or Use Ours:

We have partnered with market leading firm “Kompetently” to provide assessments and training content across multiple job functions including Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Human Resources, etc. This content can be leveraged “off the shelf” and tailored to your enablement goals.

We also understand that your company may have a library of content it has already invested in and would like to leverage. You can “Bring Your Own Content” to the “Kompetently” platform to asses and enable your human capital.