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Maximizing the value of employee talent

People are a company’s most important asset—but few companies have an effective way to keep and develop their talent to maximize long-term value. G-Smart is a powerful and flexible platform for evaluating and developing your organization’s talent. It builds an objective baseline of each employee’s strengths and weaknesses and helps you develop a personalized development plan to take them to the next level.

G-Smart in two minutes


Taking employees from where they are to where they need to be

G-Smart starts with a truly objective assessment of each employee’s competencies as related to the skills needed for their specific job role. It then analyzes strengths and weaknesses and identifies exactly where the gaps are, or perhaps where you can use their existing skills more effectively. Finally, the G-Smart platform creates personalized learning pathways that will sharpen your people’s competitive edge and speed up time to productivity.

Bring your own content, or use ours


We have partnered with market leading firm Strategy to Revenue to provide assessments and training content across multiple job functions including Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Human Resources, and more. You can use this content “off the shelf” or tailored to your enablement goals.

We also understand that your company may have a library of training content it has already invested in and would like to leverage. You can “bring your own content” to the G-Smart platform to empower your employees to fulfil their potential.